Brad Hale Astro Cartography

Brad is missing from Bellingham, WA please feel free to use the map if you are out this summer looking for Brad   Link: Check Out Brad Hale’s Astro Cartography Map for Key Areas of Interest

Kara Kopetsky

Introduction to the case, and one burning question: What I am doing in this reading is comparing the natal, solar arc and Transit charts to the day Kara was found. I wanted to see what would show up if I progressed Kara’s natal planets to the day her remains were finally found. In spite of…

A.A. Uranus in 2nd House

The Little Mermaid With the fixed star Baten Katos conjunct your Solar Return Uranus it will influence events surrounding Uranus with its constellation’s themes. After reading your chart and thinking of Baten Kaitos the combination reminded me of the journey Ariel embarked on in the Disney film, “The Little Mermaid.” This constellation holds themes of…

Jessica Runions: A Horary Reading

This star is called Cor Serpentis, ‘the Heart of the Serpent’, not because the star is in the heart but because it is most characteristic of the meaning of Ophiuchus. (Bernadette Brady)

Event Chart: Astrology of Amanda Stavick

With the Moon Void of course, peregrine and in Via combusta we can see nothing good will be coming of this situation. A later ascendant shows that at the time she was reported missing it was too late to bring her home alive. Traditional horary strictures would call for the chart not being read due to the condition of the Moon and Ascendant. This is not a horary chart and I don’t like rules anyway.

A How to AMA: Reading a Yod

​Patterns are really cool. Especially yods, they are special. The best way to understand your yod is to break it down is one aspect at a time imo. Alot of people see patterns and look at them as one entity. They over look the three aspects it takes to make a t square, yod, grand…

A: What About a T-Square?

The apex is the planet receiving the two squares from the opposing planets. It’s not a huge misfortune having a t-square. It’s just an area where stress and the pressures of life build and release. The pressures come from the two opposing planets and their houses then the energy releases through the Apex planet and…